Custom Media Buying Software and How BluHorn Can Help

Technology is shaping the way nearly every type of business is run with the aim of making work more efficient and convenient. Media buying in today’s digital world is of utmost importance with companies spending money on advertising, marketing, and branding daily. Software and platforms that help make the media buying process including invoicing, client organization, and other tasks more efficient. Finding the right platform is as easy as taking a look at the BluHorn Features. The following are features of BluHorn and how it can help take your media buying portion of a business to the next level. 

A Calendar Optimized For Media Buying and Selling Agencies

Custom Media Buying Software allows a user to color-code clients for easy identification which can be updated as required. The campaign names are sorted by week with all active media buying campaigns available to view on the calendar. Historical data can easily be scrolled through with future buy dates being listed as well. In a data-driven world, implementing this data will only allow businesses to increase revenue and expand profit margins. 

Customizable Features 

BluHorn also will build out a part of the software for your custom needs. Not all organizations have the same workflow so the ability to customize will further increase the ROI of the software. BluHorn encourages clients to ask for customer solutions as an additional feature will be able to serve other clients in the future. The feedback of clients is taken seriously by BluHorn to help produce the best media buying software and platform as possible. 

CRM Tool

Today’s business world is dominated by customer experience with the goal of client retention almost being perfect. The right CRM can allow for seamless transitions from the sales team to the client management team. A dedication to the customer experience is a necessity in today’s global business market. Leads and contact information being organized can help streamline the sales process or allows for easy follow-ups with those stagnant in the sales funnel. 

Organizing Client Data and Information 

The organization of 100’s or even 1000’s of clients can be nothing short of a nightmare in regards to media buying or selling. Not only is there information like that of phone numbers and email addresses but there are also sections for client notes. You can limit and grant access of communication/information for specific clients which is imperative. The last thing anyone wants is someone that shouldn’t have been working on a particular client delete information or reach out to the client in error. The easy to use marketplace allows for clients to see wholesale products for an easy buying process. The intuitive setup of this makes for a comfortable buying process where clients can see all offerings available. 

As you can see the customizable nature of BluHorn will be a huge advantage in the organization and planning of media buying. Both the media buyer and planner will benefit from the array of features that Blue Horn offers. The ability to scroll to future and past purchases can help a business get a better idea of media purchasing patterns.