Bluedio 12 Driver Headphones Review

Bluedio 12 Driver Headphones have many things to offer if you are looking for a quality pair of headphones. They come with a patented technology, and they also feature S/PDIF optical transmission. Additionally, you get touch and drag operation. This means that you can adjust the sound by dragging the right or left earcup to the position you desire.


Bluedio 12 driver headphones are designed with a total of 12 drivers, which is enough to deliver a high quality audio experience. Their patented PPS 12 Acoustics Technology aims to produce a rich sound with clear, detailed mids and highs. The headphones can be wired with an optical audio cable, a 3.5mm auxiliary jack or a 6.3mm audio adapter. They also feature a S/PDIF input jack on the right ear cup.

Although the headphones are capable of delivering impressive sound, they are not designed to last long. You can expect to use it for about three hours at a time without experiencing any discomfort.

They have a flat cable and sports fittings, which help keep the earbuds in place. They also feature a handy Left and Right indicator. There is also an automated pause function, which lets you switch between playing and pausing music.

Sound quality

The Bluedio T4 headphones have been built to deliver a detailed sound experience. They are made with an aluminum-titanium alloy frame and feature a comfortable over-the-ear design. These headphones also come with a Bluetooth connection, which allows you to stream music from your mobile devices. This makes them a good choice for casual listening at the office.

Bluedio T4s are designed for bass-heavy genres, so you’ll get plenty of kick. Their low-end performance is not overly distorted, but it’s still very deep. Compared to other wireless headphones, this pair offers more control over the low-end.

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear II headphones are a solid choice if you’re looking for a pair of over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones. This model features a specially-designed vent to optimize airflow and help deliver a solid bass response. In addition, the headphones use a 57mm titanium diaphragm to enhance lower-midrange frequencies.

Touch-and-drag operation

Bluedio’s patented V(Victory) PPS 12 driver headphones are a bit of a revelation. Not only are these Bluetooth headphones super-sized, but they have a lot of extras. They come with a micro USB charging cable, an optical audio cable with adapter, and a carry case.

These headphones feature touch and drag operation. In addition, they feature a 3.5 mm input jack for those times when Bluetooth connectivity isn’t available. The company also claims that these headphones are capable of providing an impressive amount of quality sound. It’s definitely a feat of engineering to achieve a full-range listening experience with these headphones, but the results are well worth it.

The Bluedio V(Victory) PPS 12 Driver Patented Wireless Bluetooth headphones weigh in at 446 grams. They have an SPL of a whopping 112dB, which means they can play some serious bass.

S/PDIF optical transmission

The S/PDIF optical transmission is used in a wide range of audio systems to send high quality digital audio to an external audio device. This protocol is also used for home theater equipment, like a Blu-ray player or an amplifier. It is a 20-bit interface, so it can carry digital audio in a number of formats.

S/PDIF is used to transmit data using a coaxial cable or an optical fiber. The format is defined by the IEC 61937 standard. It uses two channels, with the first 16 bits being a control code.

S/PDIF carries two channels of uncompressed digital audio. It is designed to support the Dolby Digital decoding process, which can result in higher quality audio. It also has an unspecified bit rate.

Patented technology

If you’re looking for a pair of ear-candy wireless Bluetooth headphones, then you may want to give Bluedio’s new U Plus UFO Pro Extra Bass Headphones a look. Not only are they wireless, but they are also drop resistant and durable. They are also a very good price. Among other features, they offer 24bit 48kHz digital audio support, a full-featured 3.5mm jack on both sides, and an active noise-canceling system.

Compared to other brands, Bluedio has thrown out the rulebook and developed a unique set of proprietary technologies to give you the best audio experience. In fact, the company invested a million dollars in BK Acoustics test equipment, and they’ve come up with a patented technology for the bluedio 12 driver. Combined with their Bluetooth technology, it’s easy to see why these headphones are so popular.