6 Tips for Choosing a New Paint Color for Your Home’s Exterior

6 Tips for Choosing a New Paint Color for Your Home's Exterior

Your home’s curb appeal and property value are important, and professional painters approach their work with this in mind. A professional painting business can also provide the assurance that they can address any project concerns. When considering an exterior painting project, homeowners do have a lot of options to weigh and choose from.

1- Consider Your Home’s Style

One of the first things to do is to identify your home’s style, and there’s a long list of home styles to choose from. Consider colonial, ranch, victorian, craftsman, art deco, and log cabin-style homes just to name several. Every style has its own unique set of characteristics. Along with style, consider your own personality and the colors that you’ve always found pleasing.

2- Look Around Your Neighborhood

It’s also a good idea to look around your neighborhood for clues to how people have painted their homes. There are some neighborhoods with dominant paint color schemes. Other neighborhoods are more traditional. Don’t paint your home with colors that will clash.

3- Don’t Get Caught Up in Color Trends

Think to yourself, “Will I be happy with my home’s color ten years from now?” As we all know, trends come and go. Your home, and what’s in it, can also provide a lot of guidance for the exterior colors you choose for your home. Those trendy colors can also cost more in maintenance upkeep sometime in the future.

4- Harmonize with Your Interior Colors

The interior colors of your home can provide a lot of guidance on how the exterior could look. The two colors should complement each other. Consider things like the color of walls, the color scheme of furniture, and other decorative colors. After all, the exterior is the paint job that will always make the first impression.

5- Test, Test, Test

Are you familiar with the term color swatch? If not, a color swatch is a small sample of a specific color. Find an area of the exterior to test how your choice of colors will look in the daytime and in the evening. It’s never a good idea to commit to exterior paint colors without giving them a test run. Seeing how everything fits together in a small space allows you to visualize how a completed job can look.

We live in a digital world, and there are virtual programs that allow homeowners to digitally paint their homes. There are some software downloads where a person can upload a picture of their home’s exterior, and then choose from a complete library of colors. You simply have to do the research to decide what it will cost, and if it’s worth your investment and time.

6- Hire Professional Painters

There is always a range of benefits in hiring professional painters too. Professionals arrive with the expertise and knowledge to ensure your paint finish is high-quality and will last a long time. They know the right paints to select, the right primers, and the practices that can save homeowners time and effort. Moreover, professional painters often possess access to superior tools, techniques, and resources not typically available to the average homeowner.