5 Exciting Career Prospects in Innovative Sectors

If you are about to start your further education, this is an exciting time to be thinking about careers, as new and innovative tech emerges and your choice of university course is critical. We are moving into a new era, a new dimension in digital technology, as 5G and the Internet of Things are being rolled out, and if you are unsure about a career direction, here are a few booming sectors that have a great future.

  1. Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already well developed; in a few years, we went from beating a chess champion to defeating the world Go champion (Go is so complex, there are more possible moves than atoms in the known universe). AI will eventually control the Internet of Things (IoT), a platform for every single digital device on the planet, and if you got in on the ground floor, you would develop alongside the industry. This is perfect for someone who likes to write code, so computer science would be the ideal major, with math also being important.
  2. Robotics – If you are about to enter the sixth form in Bangkok, search for a university that offers robotics courses and with an interest in physics and electronics, you have the perfect background for a career in the fast-moving robotics sector. It won’t be long before every single factory will be fully automated and that means a high demand for technicians; if you are creative, you could move into the design arena.
  3. 3D Printing – If there was ever a game-changer, it has to be 3D printing and this is most definitely the future for manufacturing, coupled with robotics, complex designs can be printed and assembled. The 3D printing equipment needs to be managed and serviced, so there will be a high demand for qualified people to work within this rapidly growing industry. Here are a few tips to achieve your goals and boost your productivity.
  4. Drone Applications – Like it or not, you’re going to see drones everywhere, delivering goods to online customers, plus there are already people-carrying drones being put through their paces. There are opportunities in design, manufacture and maintenance and with a sound knowledge of aerodynamics, this is an exciting sector that has enormous potential.
  5. Digital Marketing – Businesses will always rely on marketing and thanks to the pandemic, everything has moved online. If you are IT competent and enjoy a challenge, why not look into search engine optimisation? The art of boosting a target website within specific Google searches is a complex one, but after a couple of years training, you would be very much sought after, as companies look to attract global consumers. This sector is undergoing changes, as the IoT emerges and for those who like cutting edge IT tech, this could be the perfect career choice.

Whatever you choose, it should be something you are interested in, as you will be involved in this field for the rest of your working life. Click here for Thai government advice about careers, which might help you to plan your further education.