Revolutionizing Enterprise Charging: DeepCharge CEO Discusses the Future of Infrastructure Charging

In a recent interview, Yousof Naderi, CEO and Co-founder of DeepCharge, spoke about the success of his company and the future of infrastructure charging for the enterprise. “We have formed a team of passionate and A+ players with talent that love to work together and make teamwork happen,” Naderi said. “The culture at DeepCharge is to use innovation as a tool for a better life and change and to put ‘user experience’ as our number one priority over everything else.”

When asked about infrastructure charging for an enterprise, Naderi explained that DeepCharge gives the ability for ordinary surfaces in the workspace, such as tables and conference rooms, to intelligently and autonomously charge electronic devices. “Instead of manually carrying multiple chargers, remembering to charge and disconnect them, and staying tethered during the charging process to a specific location, the infrastructure would take care of charging the devices with a true wireless experience,” he said.

Naderi believes that infrastructure charging is a critical business need in any enterprise due to its ability to reduce operational costs, enhance employee productivity, and depict the enterprise as a high-tech leader. “The current enterprise charging solutions cost enterprises money, time, and energy, add risks to bottom operations, and reduce employee productivity,” he said. “Additionally, physical chargers have a direct impact on organization security. The need for a solution that provides an exponential higher performance and user experience are critical. DeepCharge’s infrastructure charging platform is solving all of these problems with the right technology and strategy.”

Looking ahead, DeepCharge is launching their “Enterprise Early Access Program” which will deploy the DeepCharge platform in multiple locations over the next 18 months. They are also working with furniture manufacturers to integrate DeepCharge modules into new furniture over the next 24 months. This will allow for a seamless integration of the charging infrastructure into the workspace, making it even more convenient and accessible for employees.

When it comes to decision making about infrastructure charging programs and protocols, Naderi advises enterprise decision makers to invest in technology that provides a long-lasting infrastructure and can charge multiple devices at the same time on the same platform. “The most important factor is to invest in technology that provides an infrastructure with a lifetime of 5-10 years,” he said. “The infrastructure should not need to be replaced by any changes that device makers make on their charging technology. Additionally, they need an infrastructure charging solution that is universal and can charge multiple devices at the same time all with the same platform. We believe DeepCharge is the answer to them and is the most advanced and intelligent wireless charging platform on the market.”

DeepCharge fits into the infrastructure charging vertical for enterprises as the market leader and provider of the most advanced and intelligent modules and monitoring software. “DeepCharge provides the most advanced and intelligent modules along with the monitoring software for infrastructure charging solution to the enterprise,” Naderi said. “We are the market leader in this segment and are defying previous technological limits with the best-in-class user experience.”

Overall, DeepCharge aims to revolutionize the way enterprises charge their devices and improve the user experience through their innovative and advanced technology. “Our mission is to make charging devices as easy as breathing,” Naderi said. “We want to create a world where people can focus on their tasks and not on the charging devices.”

As the demand for more advanced and convenient charging solutions continues to grow, DeepCharge is positioning itself as the go-to provider for infrastructure charging in the enterprise market. Their focus on the user experience and dedication to constantly improving and innovating their technology sets them apart from competitors and solidifies their position as a leader in the industry.