Compare the Best Catchers Bags of 2022

Each time the Baseball Hall of Fame votes are counted, players worldwide wait to see who will be inducted. In 2021, 71.1% of the votes went to returnee Curt Schilling. It is the most votes for any returnee to date.

Regardless of the position, playing baseball is a passion. And you have to invest in the best equipment to improve your performance. That’s where the best catchers bags come in. However, you may be wondering why you need a top-of-the-range sports bag for this year.

The answer is simple; if you don’t protect it, your equipment will become damaged, costing money and affecting your performance. So, this year push yourself by keeping your sports equipment in tip-top condition inside the best catchers bags. Let’s take a closer look at the top bags on the market today. 

Mizuno Samurai Catchers Bag X

The lightweight material and size (36 1/4″ height, 14″ width, 15″ depth) of the Mizuno Samurai Catchers Bag X are suitable for teenager and adult use. You can carry the bag or drag it along on high-quality off-road wheels.

Then hang your baseball bags on the dugout fence from the sturdy dual J Hooks. You can store all of the necessary sports equipment within easy-reach storage compartments.

At the top of the bag is a molded soft-touch glove area. The ventilated footwear storage is zipped at the bottom so that you won’t have trouble with odors. This compartment is detachable for adding team branding.

The main compartment can hold all your baseball catcher kit, including knee savers, chest guard, and two helmets. The side pockets are ideal for the cup, gloves, and thumb guard. As with the best catchers bags, the top zip opens up with space for four full-sized bats.

Rawlings Wheeled Catchers Bag R1502

The Rawlings Wheeled Catchers Bags are a little heavier than the Mizuno. In addition to the main compartment, which will compactly fit your catchers’ gear, the top entrance will hold up to four bats.

This bag also has a top molded glove compartment, two bottom rails, and side pockets. However, unlike other best bags, you’ll find useful pocket organizers.

The wheels are durable and have a smaller tread than the off-road versions on the Mizuno. The main compartment flap detaches so that you can embroider it with team logos.

Evoshield Standout Wheeled Bag

The Evoshield Standout wheeled bag also has two fence hooks and offers separate pockets for up to four full-sized bats. Designed to stand up, this water-resistant bag has reinforced and extended bottom rails.

The wide-set wheels have a 3″ clearance which is plenty. The Evoshield Standout wheeled bag contains two tubular webbing loops for guards. These are located near the two side pockets.

Like the Rawlings, the spacious main compartment panel is removable for branding purposes. It’s worth noting that the Evoshield Standout wheeled bag is taller than average at 38″ x 14″ x 14″.

The Evoshield offers excellent value for money as one of the best catchers bags on the market. 

Best Catchers Bags for Your Best Performance

These bags offer protection for your equipment, are easy to maneuver, and are sturdy. Investing in the best catchers bags will guarantee use for many seasons. You’ll also notice the difference in comfortability.

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