B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Get Results

A lot of successful marketing strategies are trial and error. What works for one goal may not work for another. A good lead generation strategy is critical in B2B marketing. B2B strategies are different from the B2C approach. To maintain steady growth and get positive results in lead generation campaigns, you should use combinations of different techniques. Here are some of them. 

Test every campaign

A/B testing is worth putting effort and time into. It will give a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t. 

Try different CTAs and buttons colors, test various texts and combinations of content formats. Compare the performance results and see how the differences affected the CTR and engagement rates. 

Content marketing

Content marketing is a fantastic opportunity to attract leads if you have interesting content to share and enough information to create articles, videos, and blog posts. 

Before creating the content, you should analyze and learn your audience. Explore what your customers enjoy, what type of content they prefer, and who they read. Observe their behavior and create a high-quality copy. We suggest using text content in the form of long reads and articles to have an opportunity of implementing SEO for your website. SEO will significantly increase your page views, meaning more potential customers will find your site through the search engine. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media allow a more targeted approach, directly connecting and interacting with the audience. Social media could be personalized, and customers appreciate it. 

62% of marketers believe that LinkedIn effectively generates leads in B2B segments. Platforms such as LinkedIn provides business a stage to engage with actual and potential customers. Here you can do so through making connections, launching selling funnels, posting consistently, and engaging with users in groups. These are just to name a few. You can also use LinkedIn to parse contacts for email marketing and run paid ads. 

Keep up with all the activities on the platform with automation tools. For LinkedIn, there is the LinkedHelper generation tool for creating personalized funnels and message sequences to collect leads and process them in built-in CRM. 

Gain backlinks

Have trusted websites sending clients to you. Make sure to build backlinks. How you can do this:

  • Write blog posts for other sources;
  • Ask websites to share your content;
  • Create collaboration campaigns with other companies;
  • Create and write content that you will actually want to share and link to.

Email marketing 

Email marketing has proven its effectiveness in generating leads and positively influencing purchase decision-making. 

The only pitfall here is that people are barely looking through promotional emails. So try to stand out. Create an interesting campaign that catches attention, use humor and interactive content. Don’t just send out sheets of plain text that are hard to understand. 

Emails are perfect for notifying people about special offers, discounts, and sales. If you need them to take any action, make sure to send a follow-up if none has been taken. Sending two or three emails gives a better chance of getting seen.


Creating a successful B2B lead generation strategy is not easy. Unfortunately, there is no universal recipe that works for each and every company. 

Try to concentrate on the content. It is impressive how the audience is open and responsive today. Evaluate every feedback you get towards distributed content, and that would be your hints on how you can attract leads’ attention and turn them into paying customers.