8 Benefits of Using Screen Printed T-Shirts as Company Apparel

8 Benefits of Using Screen Printed T-Shirts as Company Apparel

Company apparel is an important branding tool for businesses of all sizes. Screen printed t-shirts are a popular choice for providing employees and customers with branded products. Not only do these garments look professional, but they also offer comfort that makes them an attractive option for many businesses. Here are just a few of the advantages of using screen printed t-shirts as company apparel.

1. Cost-Effective

Screen printed t-shirts are one of the most affordable options for company apparel. Since the shirts can be bulk ordered in large quantities, the cost per shirt is typically lower than other apparel items such as embroidered polo shirts or jackets. This makes it easy to create custom designs without breaking your budget.

2. Durable

Unlike other types of clothing, screen printed t-shirts are designed to last a long time without quickly fading or becoming worn out. The ink used in printing will stay intact, even after multiple washes and wearing, so your logo and message will remain visible even after heavy use over time.

3. Stylish

Screen printed t-shirts offer plenty of style options so you can find the perfect design to match your brand’s image and aesthetic. You can choose from various colors and fabrics, as well as different necklines or sleeve lengths, to create a unique look that stands out from other companies’ apparel choices.

4. Versatile

If looking for something casual or more formal, screen printed t-shirts are dressed up or down on the occasion and environment. An employee might wear their company-branded tee at an outdoor event like a picnic, while wearing it at the office is perfectly fine too.

5. Comfortable

Only some enjoy wearing formal attire all day long, so screen printed t-shirts are ideal for business attire in casual settings like retail stores or restaurants. The lightweight fabric is comfortable to wear year-round – no matter what type of climate you live in – plus, they don’t require any special care instructions like dry cleaning or ironing before wearing them again next time.

6. Customizable

With screen printing technology, you can design your unique company apparel item that perfectly meets your branding needs and personal preferences! You can make each garment unique, from logos and slogans to fun graphics.

7. Professional Look

Despite being incredibly affordable due to their bulk production process, screen printed t-shirts still offer a professional appearance while simultaneously promoting your brand’s message clearly and effectively! By keeping things simple with a single-color printing method on quality fabric material – rather than going overboard with extravagant designs – you can ensure that employees look polished when representing your business in public settings.

8 Eco-Friendly Production Process

Finally, another great advantage offered by screen printed tees is their environmentally friendly production process which utilizes water-based inks instead of chemical-based ones – making them much safer for human skin contact and our planet overall! Plus, since these garments don’t require additional steps like ironing before wearing them again later on – this means less energy consumption compared with other types of corporate clothing items too.

Screen printed t-shirts make excellent company apparel due to their cost effectiveness, versatility, and branding capabilities; they provide an ideal way for businesses, big or small, to promote themselves without breaking the bank either way! Whether creating matching uniforms with personalized touches added on top or just giving employees something comfy yet stylish every day, there isn’t anything better than using well-designed customized shirts with quality print techniques applied correctly every time.