5 Savvy Ways to Improve a Garage’s Storage Options

5 Savvy Ways to Improve a Garage's Storage Options

How one organizes their garage can say a lot about their personality and lifestyle. Some like to keep it neat, and others prefer to be laid back with everything in their garage taking up space and not sorted. What better way to tell someone more about themselves than through their garage?

Whether you want something traditionally organized or something that reflects your individuality, there are many ways to improve storage options within your garage.

1. Installation of Wall cabinets

One of the most popular ways to add storage is by installing wall cabinets. These can come in many variations, or you could even paint an entire wall white and hang whatever you want on them. Some garages have installed wood cabinets along the back that are taken from the roof to the floor. This would look very professional and add a lot of extra storage for various items such as tools and other equipment.

2. Use the Space Under Your Car Properly

Many people find themselves struggling with the space underneath their cars. This is because many things go on under a car, and most require a particular environment to work correctly. Small boxes come with covers, allowing you to store large items such as oil cans and other more extensive tools. You can also store smaller items below your car or opt for wire baskets that would allow you to see what’s in them. Note that these do not come in pretty colors, so if you plan on painting your garage, you won’t be able to use the space for decorative purposes.

3. Use Your Wall Space

Many people prefer to use the floor space, but they fail to realize that they can also use their wall space. Small hooks mounted onto the wall could be a good idea if you are storing smaller items such as screws or nails. If you have more oversized items, consider using a pegboard that would allow you to store knives, rakes, and other longer equipment. This will allow you to keep everything organized and ensure that everything is easy to reach when needed.

4. Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelves can prove to be very handy not just for storing things but for organization purposes as well. They come in many different sizes, and some are made from mesh so that you can store smaller items without fear of rolling around. Garage shelves are available at ordinary stores, where you can select which one best fits your current needs.

5. Use Bulky Items for Storage

A large bench or table that takes up space could be used as storage to hold extra items such as tools. Some people prefer to use the floor area since they do not have other means of storing items. However, if you have a table that you would no longer need and is taking up room in your garage, consider using the surface space. This will allow you to store rakes, shovels, and other longer equipment. Thus, extra storage room will be created at no cost.