3 Reasons Why Websites Need to Have an Exit Pop-Up Feature

3 Reasons Why Websites Need to Have an Exit Pop-Up Feature

Websites are a source of e-commerce, entertainment, and the latest news, but consumers prefer to save their time on a website if they believe they can find a better, more enticing website than the one they are visiting. If they become bored with a page, they will leave and go elsewhere, which gives rise to the exit pop-up feature.

An exit pop-up feature, a part of a website’s functionality, activates when the website detects a customer is about to leave the page. It may trigger when a user is shopping online and has products in their cart but exits the page because they are unsatisfied. The feature overlays the page and usually incentivizes users to stay on the current page. Here are three reasons why websites need to have an exit pop-up feature.

1. An Exit Pop-Up Can Increase Conversation Rates

Pages without an exit pop-up feature are less likely to outperform pages that exhibit one. An exit pop-up feature can increase conversation rates by attracting users to stay on a page with discounts, incentives, and special offers and make an action.

A website designer may use entertaining images and tools to engage with a user. By doing this, a website can have more assurance a user will complete a desired goal: making a purchase or signing up for services. However, designers must build exit pop-ups in a way that is not intrusive to a customer’s privacy, or else the customer will immediately leave and likely never return.

2. It Can Increase Sales

If consumers leave their carts without making a purchase, a company experiences a potential loss of money. However, with an exit pop-up feature, websites can help maximize their ROI by influencing customers to stay with the current company and not look for products on another website. Special offers can serve as incentives in an exit pop-up because they can influence a user not to search another website for better deals. An exit intent pop-up is a security measure websites can take to sway users to execute their purchase.

3. It Can Build Relationships with Customers

Often, websites keep personal information about their customers, such as name and email address. With an exit pop-up feature, websites can use a form to capture these data about their users and engage with them. The survey can involve the user’s purpose in being on the website, what they like about it, and what features they want to see.

By engaging with its consumers, a website can establish a brand relationship with them and keep them updated with email newsletters, new products, and service updates. Customers can recognize that they matter to a company and feel valued, thus making them revisit a website.
For these three reasons, websites can improve their ROI and conversions by installing an exit pop-up feature. Customers will be more likely to stay engaged with those websites, and companies and their clients can build brand relationships with each other. Using an exit pop-up feature will improve customer experience which will lead to increased sales.