3 Reasons Why Students Transfer Universities

So, you have gotten into the university of your choice – well done. You are excited about what the future entails and you have high hopes for your course and everything you have read about the city you will be in.

However, what happens if you are there for a couple of months, and it turns out it was not everything you could have wished for? Or, even worse, it was on par with a nightmare.

You might think that that would be the end of your university experience, but there is an excellent chance that all you need is a change.

This piece is going to look at a few reasons why students transfer universities.

Let’s get into it.

Circumstances Change

When a situation arises that is out of our control, it can be difficult to deal with. This could be anything from our poor health, a family member’s poor health, or anything that might require you to take a step back from university. No one can predict the future, so if circumstances change, sometimes the only option might be to transfer to somewhere else.

Changing Courses

If you have ever started a course and then realized that you have made a mistake – you are not alone. The good news is that in most circumstances, if you have reasonable grades and an interest in a different subject, it should be relatively easy to switch, providing there is a space available for you in your chosen course.

That being said, in some circumstances, your major does not even need to be changed. It might just be that you are unhappy with the quality of the course at your chosen university and want to go somewhere else that has a better chance of living up to your expectations.

If you are looking to do a transfer, then head over to CampusReel.org to understand certain requirements you might need for specific universities so you can plan your next move.


Unhappy Social Situation

To go to university is to make new friends, experience new sights and sounds, and build up relationships with others. For those who feel lonely or do not click with those they have been placed with, it can be difficult to get to a point where they going to have a good time and be open to these new experiences. Social isolation can do damage to someone’s self-esteem, confidence, and mental health, which can also impact their learning.

University is an experience best shared, so if someone feels like they are not welcome, or do not fit in where they are, they are going to be more inclined to find somewhere else where they do.


There is no shame in transferring universities. It is often pointless to stay at a university that you are not benefitting from in multiple ways, and if you are not enjoying yourself. Not only is it costly financially, but it is also your time as well, so find somewhere worthy of both.