Guide to Choosing Between a Reel and Rotary Golf Course Mower

Mowing equipment plays a crucial role in maintaining turf of gardens, parks and golf courses. When it comes to maintaining a large commercial area like a golf course, you need to gain in-depth information about equipment. Turf is not only meant for an appealing look of your golf course but also crucial for good gameplay. If the grass length of tee box, greens, fairway and rough are not evenly maintained, the club subscriptions will definitely start decreasing. It is the accountability of a golf captain to ensure the quality maintenance of all the areas. For this, proficient workers and high-quality machinery are two basic requirements. Equipment like dressers, bunker rakes, dethatchers and aerators are needed occasionally but we need mowers more frequently. In the market, you can find two types of mowers designed for different purposes. Here we will discuss their significance in different areas of a golf course. 

Reel Mowers

Reel mowers are meant for closed and precise cutting of grass without causing any damage to its roots. It is the traditional mechanism of grass mowing. You can see reel mowers available in all types of models ranging from manually hand-operated to fully automatic. The mowing equipment at homes and parks also have reel mechanisms. We can manually operate them to trim grass at different heights. Reels are the blades aligned in a helical structure of cylindrical attachment. Usually, 5 to 7 blades are used in a typical reel mower to attain the desired quality of work. We need reels to maintain the area of tee box and fairway. These areas of golf course occupy less space as compared to greens, rough and hazards. However, you need to attain the utmost level of perfection which is only possible with reel blades. 

Rotary Mowers

Rotary mowers work like chopper that horizontally cut grass on the ground. These mowers were introduced much later than reel mowers but gained a good reputation in the market. The rotating blades cut down the grass vertically with a higher speed as compared to the reel mowers. However, you cannot get perfection as good as reel mowers. Therefore, these mowers are only used for maintaining areas like greens and rough. Even some models of rotary mowers are also useful in maintaining the hazards area. If you try to trim grass more closely, it may cause damage to the roots. 

Choosing the right one

We can clearly see that both rotary and reel mowers are made for different purposes. We need reels to attain precision in the tee box areas whereas rotary blades are ideal for handling the rough areas like hazards. While choosing any model of Toro golf course mowers, make sure that adequate comfort facilities are equipped for longer use. Comfortable seating arrangement and cool top canopy are necessary for long hour work. Also, invest in a mower that has the capacity of running 3-5 blades at a time. 

Along with new models, you can also explore the used turf equipment for sale. If there is a certified seller committing for limited warranty against technical faults, it’s better to go with the option of pre-owned equipment.