4 Signs That a Septic System’s Pipes Need to Be Cleaned

4 Signs That a Septic System's Pipes Need to Be Cleaned

Many homeowners need to rely on a septic tank to collect waste products coming from their homes. However, it may be hard to determine when the septic system’s pipes need cleaning. Below are four signs that it is time for your septic system’s pipes to be cleaned.

1- The Pipes Are Gurgling

A gurgling noise from pipes or the toilet may mean the septic system pipes have a clog. The noise occurs when something prevents air from moving through the pipes. Trapped air prevents water and waste products from flowing through the pipes. When the air cannot move, its sound travels through the pipes in the house. If water cannot flow, the pipes will eventually clog. Many things can cause air to be trapped, including soap, paper products, hair, grease, waste, and more. The gurgling sound is often one of the first indications your septic pipes need attention.

2- Slow or Clogged Drains

An occasional clogged is nothing to get too worried about. Sometimes, it is as simple as something accidentally going down the drain, like a piece of silverware or a child’s bath toy. However, if clogs are occurring frequently, it is a signal there is a problem. If it takes time for water in the tub or kitchen sink to drain, it means there is a clog. A slow-draining toilet is another indicator of a clog.

Clog drains can cause larger appliances, such as the washing machine and dishwasher, to back up too. Noticing water in strange places or puddling in places it never has before is a sign of a clogged drain.

3- Unusual Smells

Are you smelling unusual odors from your sink, shower, or toilet? If there is a foul odor, it could mean a clogged main pipeline. The smell is sewage that is in the pipes. The odor may not stay contained inside the home. It is most likely the odor will be more noticeable outside of the house, especially near the location of the septic tank.

4- Problems in the Yard

We all want lush green yards. However, if your yard is greener than usual, especially in a specific location, it could mean a clog in the main pipe. A clogged pipe could cause leaks. Sewage seeping through the pipes will help to introduce extra fertilizer into the soil, enabling grass to grow better.

Another yard problem that could point to a problem with clogged pipes is water puddling in the yard. Most of the time, the water will form near the septic tank, but not always. Water could puddle around the house or along the path of the main pipe.
Regular maintenance and cleaning can certainly prevent a lot of problems associated with septic tanks. However, many factors can cause pipes to clog. Everything from dirt and unexpected debris in the pipes to too much grease and other matter from the home going down the drains can cause a clog. It is necessary to recognize the signs of a clogged drain and respond to the problem promptly. A clogged drain can cause expensive repairs if left unattended.