4 Advantages of Purchasing a New Vehicle During the Summer

4 Advantages of Purchasing a New Vehicle During the Summer

If you’re thinking of getting a new car, you may just want to head to the dealership lot today and get behind the wheel. However, we urge you to wait until the summer months roll back around. There are many great reasons to do this, and we’ll share them all with you below.

1- Dealerships Clearing Out Previous Year’s Inventory

In the dealership world, fall is when all the new vehicle models come out. This means that dealerships are trying to move the last of the remaining year’s models to clear up space for their new vehicles coming in. This is great news for you as a vehicle buyer. Dealerships will be more likely to work with you on lowering the purchase price of a vehicle because they have that added pressure of trying to get their lots cleared out and ready for the fall lineup. You may even find that you can get free inspections and oil changes for a set number of years or a higher trade-in value on your existing vehicle.

2- More Reliable Summertime Driving

If you’re driving an aging vehicle, it can have you on edge every time you get behind the wheel. When it comes to the summertime, you’ll likely be spending more time in your car traveling around. It only makes sense to invest in a new, more reliable vehicle at the time of the year when you know that you’ll be needing one. This can go a long way in providing you with valuable peace of mind during your busy summertime schedule.

3- Better Financing Offers and Terms

When you go to purchase a new vehicle, typically the financing at dealerships is a bit higher than you’ll find at local banks. However, when the summertime comes and dealerships are looking to get rid of the previous year’s inventory, they tend to lower their interest rates. As a vehicle buyer, you can easily take advantage of this better financing offer. You may even find that some dealerships will offer additional incentives during the summer months, like higher trade-in values and 0 percent interest for a set number of months.

4- Optimal Test Driving Conditions

When the weather outside isn’t the greatest, it can have you rushing through your test drive. Whether it’s just the cold weather taking its toll on your body or the slushy road conditions that have you worried about potentially damaging a new vehicle, test driving in less-than-optimal conditions isn’t the greatest idea. When you wait until the summertime to purchase a new vehicle, you can enjoy optimal driving conditions. This will allow you to get a better feel for how the vehicle drives and its many features.

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a fun and exhausting experience all wrapped into one. While you can certainly choose to buy a vehicle at any point throughout the year, waiting until summertime has its many advantages. From lower pricing and better vehicle financing to optimal test driving conditions, it only makes sense to wait until the summer months to get your new ride.