Building A Brand Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn How With Brand Development Expert Rhonda Swan

Many ambitious people aspire to build their own business. They want to start a business that can thrive in the ever-changing world, and most importantly, they aim to make it profitable in the long term. Undoubtedly, profitability is the main reason why people start their own business. Being the CEO of your own company gives a sense of freedom. And it is quite obvious that no one wants to fail in their business ventures.

However, aspiring entrepreneurs might argue the best way to be successful in business. There are millions of brands in the online space and most of the companies today are on social media. They could be on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or all of them. The internet and the rise of various digital platforms has leveled the playing field between large corporations and small businesses. It has given small companies a venue to expand their brands to the world.

Anyone who is starting an online business will be met with so much competition. In Seth Godin’s Purple Cow, he argued that the only way to rise in today’s competition is to innovate and make something new and unique to stand out – like a purple cow.

Branding expert Rhonda Swan remarked that building a strong brand is more crucial now than ever before. Swan is the founder of The Unstoppable Agency, a PR and marketing company that helps individuals and companies in their branding needs. “Currently, the online space is bombarded with so many brands. It is a challenge to let your voice get noticed by your audience. Good branding will help your brand stand out from the crowd. It will become the distinction that will separate you from the competition,” Swan said. She has been a digital marketer for 15 years now, and today she will share some factors to consider in building an unstoppable brand.

#1 Brand’s Purpose

To define a brand, Swan said that entrepreneurs must know what they are doing. Also, it must be clear among them why they are doing what they are doing. “Determining and reflecting on the ‘why’ of your brand is the most crucial step. It will be the definition of your brand. It will also help define what makes your brand unique. You must figure out what your brand can offer or do better than the competition,” Swan explained.

Swan said that a brand’s purpose draws the demarcation line that separates the brand from others. It will give a brand an identity that people can recognize or connect with. “You can find your brand’s purpose by identifying your core values or what your passion is,” she added.

#2 Brand’s Target Audience

Swan said that a strong brand establishes an emotional connection with its customers. “Before you could ever establish any connection with them, you must know who your target audience is. Your messaging, the marketing strategy, and channels that you will be using are all dependent on your target audience. Who will be buying your product? If you are talking to people who do not need your product, there is a small likelihood that you will generate sales,” Swan added.

Swan explained that a brand is still a business with the primary goal of making a sale. It is essential to understand a brand’s target audience. “You must identify what their problems are. What are their pain points? You can use this to position your brand and identify how your brand can offer a solution to their needs,” she continued. 

#3 Brand’s Story

People love to hear stories because it organizes information that compels us to listen. Swan said that the brand’s story involves the brand’s purpose and target audience. The brand story is usually the more extended version of a brand’s purpose.

Swan said that compelling brand stories are mostly customer-centric and clear. “They convey their brand’s story from the “why” standpoint. It elevates a brand because it shows that a brand does not only exist for profit but for something it stands for,” she added. 

An Invitation

Swan cannot overemphasize the importance of building a strong brand amid the sea of competition. Swan said that The Unstoppable Branding Agency has the necessary digital marketing tools to help CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs create an unstoppable brand that can grow a business. Swan’s extensive experience in PR and marketing both as a former corporate professional and digital marketer can offer any client the complete branding solution that they need, which is suited in the digital age. For the last 13 years, Swan has worked with many brands and sold over $50 million worth of products and services online.

Swan is inviting entrepreneurs to build a powerful brand image and transform it into an unstoppable brand. Interested entrepreneurs can visit The Unstoppable Branding Agency at or follow them on Instagram at @rhondaswan.

Image credit: Mirza Nurman