5 Interesting Facts to Understand About the Internet of Things

5 Interesting Facts to Understand About the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for a while now, and IoT based companies are building a better future through intelligent technology.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for a while now, but what does it actually mean? The IoT is a technology that connects different devices and machines to exchange data or information.

The term “Internet of Things” was coined by Kevin Ashton of Procter and Gamble in 1999. He defined IoT as “a network of things connected to the Internet, things like cellphones, refrigerators, pacemakers, cars.” Over the past decade, the IoT has become more popular, and people have started building systems that allow all sorts of devices to communicate with each other.

Here are five interesting facts about the IoT, and hopefully, you can start to understand this ever-growing network that connects all sorts of things. Are people developing IoT technology for profit, or is there a deeper, more meaningful reason for creating this technology? Find out below!

1. IoT Is a Crucial Component of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 (the Fourth Industrial Revolution) is the next generation of industry; it focuses on combining IoT and advances in technology. By being connected, these machines will be able to automatically solve problems using smart sensors and technologies that act autonomously, diagnose, self-monitor, and communicate without human intervention.

This is an exciting time to be involved with the IoT because it will forever change how work is done in an industrial setting!

2. The Concept of IoT Dates Back to the Mid-1800s

The concept of connecting different devices came about in 1838 when Samuel Morse invented the Morse code. With the help of this code, messages could be translated to another language by using a machine called the telegraph.

3. The Value is in the Data

Thanks to the Internet of Things, we can collect valuable data that can help us make better decisions. This data can be used by any business right now, but what if we could use this data for things like treatment options, personalized medicine, and search engine rankings?

4. The IoT Can Trigger the Next Digital Revolution

The IoT provides more accurate and timely information than any other source from a business perspective. For example, a machine can sense before food spoils.

5. Not All IoT Devices Are Tiny

The future of the IoT will bring many types of devices into our lives. The IoT will be made up of anything from your favorite television to your refrigerator and every other piece of technology that you have at home. IoT devices can be as tiny as an ant or huge as an industrial robot.

From self-driving cars to refrigerators that order your groceries, everybody is curious about the different ways IoT can improve our lives. Thanks for reading! So what do you think about the Internet of Things? Do you think it will take over our everyday life, or is it just a passing fad?