Top Tips To Get Your Blinds Spotlessly Clean

Blinds can look amazing in a home, but without regular cleaning, they can become dust magnets that unleash clouds of dander and other particles when opened and closed. 

To help keep your blinds dust-free and looking great all of the time, try the top tips listed below:

General cleaning tips for blinds

  • Take a cloth and wrap it around the top and bottom of the open slats, rubbing down the length of each one. when dealing with horizontal blinds, begin at the top and work down. When dealing with vertical blinds, you also begin at the top, but will need to choose whether you work from left to right, or vice versa.
  • Remove stains or dirty spots with a microfiber cloth dipped in soapy water. Wipe the slats using the methods above, and drying them carefully afterwards to avoid water spots. Do note that wooden blinds should not be cleaned with soap or vinegar, however. 
  • If you wish, you can use one of the attachments on your vacuum cleaner to clean the slats instead. Just take care to always use the lowest setting, and test a small area first to make sure it doesn’t damage them. Remember to reverse the slant of the slats and vacuum that side, too. 

Deeper cleaning tips for blinds

  • Remove the blinds and provided they’re not wooden or cellular, place them into a bathtub that has been filled with several inches of soapy water (a few drops of dish soap should do the job). Take care not to scratch the tub by lying the blinds on a towel before submerging them.
  • Then, take a cloth or sponge and wipe each slat individually before emptying out the dirty water and refilling it with clean water to ensure the blinds are thoroughly rinsed before you dry them.
  • Use a cloth or towel to dry the slats, or if possible, pop them outside to dry naturally before reinstalling them. 

Should your blinds be cellular or made out of real wood, refer to the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.

What can you do about dull, faded blinds?

It’s only natural for blinds to fade and become discolored over time due to sun exposure, and in many instances, replacing them may be the only option. But, if your blinds are white, spraying and wiping them down with bleach may restore them to their former glory.

Is it best to take blinds down to clean them properly?

If you clean your blinds on a regular basis (every couple of months or so), it shouldn’t be necessary to take them down to clean them. However, if they’re really grubby or sticky, a deep clean as described above may be needed. 

One way of keeping your blinds looking great and preventing the need for an inconvenient and time consuming deep clean, is to hire a professional cleaning company to come in on a regular basis and keep them clean.

How often should you clean blinds?

While a lot will depend upon the type of blinds you have, and how much dust and other particles are generated in your home, blinds should generally be cleaned at least once a month to prevent them from needing a deep clean. 

When you do clean your blinds, however, remember to do so before you clean the floor, otherwise you’ll find yourself having to double up on your cleaning efforts.

Grubby blinds can really let a home down visually, but you can avoid this by cleaning them at least once a month, or by hiring a regular cleaning company to keep them dust and grime-free.