7 Tips to Choose Permeable Pavers for a Commercial Roadway

7 Tips to Choose Permeable Pavers for a Commercial Roadway

If you want a commercial roadway that is environmentally conscious and sustainable, permeable pavers are an ideal choice. These pavers make it possible for water to get through the surface. This makes them ideal for flood-prone areas and for environmental reasons. Learn more about how to choose the best ones for your needs.

1- Material Selection

There are different materials for permeable pavers. You want to choose those that are able to withstand both environmental conditions and heavy traffic. Common materials for this purpose include permeable asphalt, concrete, and interlocking permeable units.

2- Permeability Ratings

When you are looking at the different paver options, you will notice that they have permeability ratings. This rating tells you how efficiently water is able to get through the surface of the pavers. To ensure maximum water filtration, pick the pavers that have a high permeability rating.

3- Surface Texture and Traction

You want the pavers that you choose to provide sufficient traction so that the vehicles traveling on the roadway can do so safely in a variety of weather conditions. As you look at different pavers pay close attention to the traction and the surface texture to ensure that you make the best choice.

4- Load-Bearing Capacity

Commercial roadways mean that commercial vehicles will be traveling on them. You want pavers that are able to deal with this type of weight. The federal guidelines for commercial vehicles allow up to 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. Examine the roadway and its specific load requirements to pick a paver that meets the necessary standards.

5- Local Regulations and Permits

Consider the location where you will install the commercial roadway and talk to officials about the various regulations and the needed permits to do the job. These regulations and the necessary permits will likely vary depending on where you are. Make note of the regulations before you even start the planning process or start to pick out the pavers. You should also apply for the necessary permits well in advance so that waiting on them does not bring your work to an unexpected halt.

6- Maintenance Requirements

Like all roadways, there will be regular maintenance that you need to tackle to keep the roadway in optimal condition for vehicles traveling on it. You want to ensure that the pavers that you choose are easy to maintain, replace, and repair as necessary. Consider how your chosen pavers will contribute to the lifespan and long-term functionality of your commercial roadway.

7- Stormwater Management Goals

Your stormwater management goals are one of the first things that you will plan. This will help to prevent your commercial roadway from flooding often. Since these pavers are permeable, they are already ideal for helping to naturally recharge the groundwater and decrease stormwater runoff. To choose the best paver for the job, consider the environmental objectives of your project.

Considering these factors will make it easier to pick the best permeable pavers for a commercial roadway. The right permeable pavers will help to ensure better roadway functionality and benefits for the environment.