World’s Largest Fireworks Set Off in Colorado

The city of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, really knows how to celebrate their annual winter carnival with a bang on Saturday night. City fathers this year decided that since the country seemed bogged down with a wearying series of problems and challenges such as the coronavirus and tariff wars, they would see to it that the citizens of their fair city would get something this winter that they could brag and wonder about for years to come. They hired Steamboat Fireworks company to create the world’s largest single fireworks explosion over their city. The company manufactured a shell that weighed close to 29 thousand pounds, about the same weight as a small car like a Toyota Corolla. It’s diameter was nearly five feet. The company launched the shell from a five yard long metal tube embedded in Emerald Mountain, which towers over the city. The monster fireworks were shot out of the tube with an explosive charge, just like a cannon. Traveling at over three hundred miles per hour, the projectile exploded a mile above Steamboat Springs in a gigantic red blossom that could be seen in any direction for thirty miles.

An official from the Guinness World Book of Records was on hand to witness the record-breaking pyrotechnics, and issued a certificate to the city afterwards that attested it was the largest fireworks explosion ever set off in the world.