The Rising Importance of UX and Web Hosting Quality in e-commerce

Electronic commerce is being welcomed by businesses big and small, as well as consumers shopping online. A trending topic is the UX when starting an e-commerce and how to keep customers on a website for longer. The goal is to get as much attention and time as possible from the users. This guide explains exactly why better web hosting can enable faster load speeds and better UX – and that is the crux of the matter. But let’s look into the basics first:

What is UX?

Ux is the acronym for User Experience. UX is a person’s interactions with the businesses product, service and system. It relates to the emotions and attitude when users are using a company’s website. Certain tricks and tweaks can make the users experience of the website, online shop or system much more pleasurable. We explain what UX features customers regard as most important.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an internet-based service where parties can make their websites available through the World Wide Web. Basically, each website available to the public on the internet is hosted by a web hosting company. Web hosting companies provide space on the web or cloud servers for a website through which the party stores its files. 

Why is UX important in e-commerce?

The most important part e-commerce is the ease and speed to which users can buy products. The easier and the quicker it is to buy products the more the user will return to the e-commerce or website to buy more products. E-commerce companies should be focused on UX and should strive to provide the best UX to their customers. These are the most important UX features and why they are key components to e-commerce.

Loading speed

Loading speed of a website is a critical component and feature to UX. Nothing frustrates us more than wanting to buy a product online and the website’s loading speed is really slow. We would rather go to the competitor, pay a bit more but rather work with a fast and efficient website. Statistics show that users expect a website to load in two seconds or less.  The reality is users do not have the patience to wait for a slow, inadequate website. Companies can increase their website loading speed by keeping their website and pages as simple as possible, this decreases the HTTP requests and makes the loading speed faster. One can also reduce the images used on the website as well as the image sizing should be optimized for website use. Removing unused files, images and styles from the website will make a big difference to the loading speed.  

Ease of use

The easier it is to use a website the more it would be used. As easy as that. Ease of use will also decrease the customer support ratio, making it more user friendly for the customer, as well as saving the business time and money. The norm is that the user should be able to find a certain product or service within three seconds.


While companies regard individualization as one of the most important components, it was actually ranked lower than ease of use and loading speed by the users. Individualization is important for building the businesses brand, yet when it comes to UX and keeping the customers coming back for more, focus on ease of use and loading speed.

Why is Web Hosting important in e-commerce?

More and more businesses are turning to online, digital and social media marketing. People spend more time on their digital devices than reading a newspaper or magazine. Frankly, digital marketing is cheaper than print marketing and one’s reach and conversion rates can now be monitored and tracked. Mostly digital marketing’s aim is to guide the user to the company’s website, to buy the products of the e-commerce. This is why web hosting and an efficient website is so important to any e-commerce. Spending money on digital marketing to just lose a customer because the website is inadequate is money well wasted.


Thinking of starting your own e-commerce? We recommend reassuring which web hosting companies have the least down time and whose features match what’s important to you. When designing and implementing a website keep the UX in mind always, in fact, make that the first priority of the website. Lastly make sure when your website is adequate, aim all digital marketing to it. Making quick and simple sites via Wix could be fun, but does it solve e-commerce and UX needs to the point where conversions will be high?