Abay Sarsekeyev: Leading the Revitalization of Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine sadly persists, we will be profiling figures deserving of recognition who have dedicated themselves to helping mitigate the humanitarian crisis that has been unfolding. In the case of Abay Sarsekeyev, his involvement in assisting Ukraine has involved working with influential Western businessmen, political leaders and activists, in an effort to formulate a coalition of prominent figures united in helping the civilians of Ukraine.

Over the course of the last month alone, Sarsekeyev has met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in NYC and with the office of Boris Johnson in London concerning this very subject. The conversations’ focus revolved around the need to develop and craft a program that will ensure an entirely new Ukraine is rebuilt in the aftermath of the war to ensure the country’s strength is preserved. The program will entail the development of entirely new technologies; infrastructure; industrial mechanisms; and means of transportation.

Together with his partner Josh Nass, Sarsekeyev is leading these initiatives in partnership with Ukrainian businessmen Vadim Novinsky and Rinat Akhmetov. But the pool of investors participating in the reconstruction of the initiative extends beyond the aforementioned. Sarsekeyev has also involved some of the most sophisticated and notable global investors, including Gopichand Hinduja, in these efforts.

Nass and Sarsekeyev are not only working on programs revolving around commerce; but also on ensuring the opening of humanitarian corridors; and ensuring the safety of as many Ukrainians as possible. While Nass and Sarsekeyev have been working on developing a program that will help ensure the commercial components of the country are satisfied in the war’s aftermath; their primary motivation has revolved around ensuring the loss of life is mitigated within the country.

The duo have been in communication with their contacts on the ground to ensure that all available means are being exhausted in order to help save the lives of innocent civilians. These contacts have included security and military professionals who have been actively working on helping civilians on the ground since the very start of the war. The initiative that Sarsekeyev has been leading has already successfully secured the participation and engagement of the likes of Turkey, China, Singapore, India, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, the United States, The Republic of Georgia, and Latvia.