9 Expert Tips for Planning a Christmas Light Display That Wows

9 Expert Tips for Planning a Christmas Light Display That Wows

The festive season is a time of people get together to relax and enjoy with their loved ones. It would be helpful to set the mood right by having excellent Christmas decoration ideas. Lighting is an essential part of the decor. Below are tips to help you plan an attractive Christmas light display.

1. Know Your Lights

Various types of holiday lights are suitable for different spots in your home and backyard. You can choose garden wonderland, neon topography, or starburst light chains. Knowledge of these lights helps determine one that fits your space. Consulting professionals would also help.

2. Test for Burned-Out Lights

Inspect the lights for burns and do a replacement in case of any before installing them. They drain excess power resulting in dim illumination from the other lights.

3. Use a Sturdy Ladder

As mentioned, safety comes first during installation, particularly in high places like the roofing. Climb a ladder to hang the lights on tall plants. Have someone hold it firmly to ensure you reach all the branches. Use twist ties to fix the lighting on the branches.

4. Work Your Way Up

Begin with the base if you are stringing a deciduous tree in your yard. Tie the lights up in a spiral manner. Start at the peak and coil them through the leaves for an evergreen plant. This ensures magical visuals through the foliage.

5. Turn Off the Switch

It would be best to switch off the outside lighting before bedtime. Also, turn them off when going out. When left on for an extended period, they produce excessive heat, leading to discomfort. In addition, it increases energy consumption leading to high electricity bills. However, you may leave them on when you have a timer to switch them off after a certain period.

6. Add Some Dimension

Lighting on the pathways and driveways in your home gives an aesthetic appeal. Thus, its vitals to choose ground lighting for the entryways. Selecting multicolored lights for these areas would be best. This way, you enrich the walkway and lighten the entrance to the front door.

7. Avoid Bright Light Overload

Installing Christmas luminescence is interesting and amusing. However, it would help if you were keen not to use high voltage on the circuits. Experts recommend that you shouldn’t exceed 1400 watts. Do other lights in your home dim after switching on the decorative lighting? It is a sign of overload you need to avoid.

8. Look Around for Added Sparkle

Decorating parts of your home, such as porch columns and birdbaths, may seem unusual. But, illuminating this area with an extra light brings an attractive sight. If it’s hard to reach these unexpected spots using electricity, consider using battery-operated lights.

9. Call Experts

Experts do not recommend DIY lighting installation unless you have the relevant knowledge and experience. Limit installation in the roof areas, like the edges. In addition, ensure lights and cords do not come into contact with metals. To enhance safety, contact a professional lighting technician.

Following the above tips will ensure you have the brightest and most colorful festive season. They will help you glow up your home and spread the celebration mood in all corners, from the living room to the outdoor yard.